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But recently some of Seattle’s openings come from creative, devoted, and experienced chefs who have seen the ins and outs of the old and decided to buck tradition and do things the way they want to,

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Ultimately, they’ve navigated an identity where every dish in the restaurant is Northwestern, translating Filipino flavor profiles through locally-produced seasonal ingredients.


Aaron Verzosa and Amber Manuguid remember being embarrassed at school lunches because their food was different. But today, the couple showcase their Filipino heritage through their restaurant Archipelago.

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Archipelago, the Philippine-inspired restaurant Verzosa and his wife, Amber Manuguid, opened Dec. 1 in Hillman City. Psst! Hoy, Seattle! Archipelago deserves your attention.


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…is more than just a restaurant; dinner here, more than just a meal. It’s a story, a lesson, a dance—a multicourse exploration of the history and flavors of the Philippines, translated through Pacific Northwest ingredients... Read more


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Out of the humble, brick-walled space at 5607 Rainier Avenue South the husband and wife duo have constructed a dining room that’s both modern and homespun, in hues of cool blues and greens, with touches of tropical ephemera… Read more


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"Filipino cuisine has been built on generations. We want to build on that line and open the windows that allow for progression. . . to keep that quality and culture while infusing our dishes with food that's unique to our home in Seattle." Read more


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Archipelago is an ode to Aaron Verzosa and Amber Manuguid’s heritage, to be sure, but the couple filters flavors of the Philippines through the Pacific Northwest, where they grew up. Read more


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Versoza says the goal is to have a conversation, a narrative of different Filipino flavors, with each chef asking, “Are we telling the best stories dish by dish?” Read more


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Coming with her will be Chef Aaron Verzosa, whose four course menu of Filipino foods complements the story of Porkalob’s Filipino grandmother.  Read more


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Then there was a soup—green apple sinigang broth with micro radish sprouts. I'd never had sinigang before, and yet I've been walking around this earth claiming to actually be alive for 31 years. Read more